Tuesday, June 13, 2017


So I confess I am procrastinating right now. I should be in my room packing and sorting. It just is a bit overwhelming at times. It amazing me how much I have accumulated in the last 11 years. When I moved to Virginia 11 years ago it was with little more than a suitcase and my car. Now I have most of a 2 bedroom apartment filled with different things the Lord has blessed me with over the years. The challenge has been what to keep/store, what to sell and my upcoming yard sale and what to give away.

Part of me wants to just give it all away. However another part of me says selling it will provide support for me in the days ahead. I think the answer lies somewhere in the middle and so it must be sorted. It is stunning how much stuff I can cram in my small room. A great opportunity to simplify and decide what it truly important to me .

The real important things, are not things at all but people. People I am parting with for now and that indeed is the difficult part. I am so excited to be going and stepping out to what God has prepared for me, but......
leaving my best friend is hard. It makes me ache. I know in my head she will be find. She follows the same God I do, often with more faith and trust. She amazes me. But it is hard to say goodbye to morning coffee as we read the word. Hard to know I cant just walk in from my day and know she will be there to listen about my day. I know we have email and phones but it really is not the same. The last 10 weeks have proven that. It is just different when your living on the other side of the world and in different time zones.

I'm thankful for the days we have had. Thankful that she always asks me the hard questions and challenges me to pursue the Lord with everything I have. I  cant wait to see what the Lord has next for her. My leaving opens a door in her life as well.

Then there is Mom. Well anyone who knows me knows how tough that one is. It is wonderful though to see how God is providing and making sure all her bases are covered. I must remember that he loves her even more than I do. That is true for so many, my sister. Graciously I get to go see her very soon. My niece is getting married and I get the gift of getting to go and see the whole family before I leave on the next leg of my journey. My friends, my church family. The amazing kids God has placed in my life. Most of whom I will get to see and spend time with on this  short visit home. It will be challenging to part with them. But I know if He asks it of me it is for good. He promised that. Romans 8:28 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." So I am putting all my eggs in that basket and trusting him with the outcome, regardless of the cost.
Come Lord Jesus and amaze us. Your ways are not our ways and your thoughts are not our thoughts.

So that is where my focus must lie. On the path ahead. To what is next, and the steps needed to get there. So, back to my room. back to packing, sorting, reminiscing, and deciding.
Only a few weeks to go....

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